03 January 2012

Long Awaited Updates - Hannah House Apartment and More...

Happy 2012, my spooky readers!

I've been a bad blogger and have gone MIA for too long.  I have so many updates they're falling out my ears at this point.  I've got a post about a recent (sorta) investigation with MRIPA that I'll get to later, and maybe a rant if I feel like it, but right now, I can give you quite a bit to read just by covering the most recent activity at the apartment.

We're not sure if it's due to a wet winter, or talk of moving out of the house, or if something has just changed, but the house has been fairly active lately.  Nothing huge but lots of little stuff that just doesn't seem to quit.  It all started up around when we returned from Florida and hasn't really quit.

Not my bank exactly, but you get
the idea.  From 101language.com
We've heard conversations, phantom cars, and little knocks and bangs in the kitchen that aren't mechanical.  At one point, Rick was washing dishes when a ceramic maneki neko bank (the little waving cat you see at Chinese restaurants) I had on top the kitchen cabinets came down and hit him in the head. The odd thing about the indecent was that the bank was in the far left corner of the cabinets all the way in the back.  The cabinets also have a one inch lip on the edge, so anything that falls off from up there has to go over that lip first.  I looked at the top of the cabinets myself afterwards, and all the trinkets and bottles between where the bank actually was and where it had to have fallen from to hit Rick in the head were knocked over.  It almost looked as if the cat had moved over a few feet and then came down.  And one way or another, it eventually had to be lifted up to get over that ledge.

The kitchen still seems to be the epicenter of all the activity we have.  Everything from voices, to the sounds of things moving when we're in the other room, to phantom cats.  On several occasions we've heard cats meow when George was asleep or in one case not even in the house.  I swear I saw a cat jump off my bathroom sink one night while I was in the kitchen; It disappeared before it hit the floor, but I heard it land.  Rick told me a few days later that he had seen the image of a dark, long haired cat walking through the kitchen, reflected in the microwave door.  He said when he turned around there was nothing there.

Just last night, I was sitting in the living room when I smelled a cinnamon-y, potpourri scent.  We have some Febreeze air freshener that smells about the same, but I didn't spray any, and the cat and I were the only ones home at the time.

We've also had some non-paranormal issues that have been keeping us up at night.  There seems to be raccoons everywhere on the property.  They've been fighting in the courtyard and scratching around on our porch   I even saw one climbing up the 2nd floor balcony to the roof.  I don't want to go out and deal with them, so whenever I hear them fighting, I just blow my vuvuzela and that scares them away.

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  1. Fascinating blog. The sound of fighting raccoons in the middle of the night can almost seem like a paranormal experience. :)