23 August 2011

8-20-11 Roads Hotel, Atlanta, IN

MRIPA traveled to Atalanta, IN this summer to investigate the infamous Roads Hotel.  If you've read any of my previous posts, you'll realize this is not Rick's and my first time at this old speakeasy.  We came here about a year ago with our old group.  We were very excited to be coming back again with our new paranormal family.

After an adventure involving a flat tire on Remy the Doom Buggy (my silver Focus), and a trip to Doller General, Middle of Nowhere (It's literally in the middle of a feild.), we split into teams for shifts and started setting up the needed equipment.

Rick and I had first shift together, which was just walking around the outside and recording all noises and people we encountered.  MRIPA is very adamant about keeping a physical and digital record of everything, so we know who was where, and what was happening at all times.  It's a very useful system, and one im suprised more groups haven't implemented.

After about an hour of trucks with no mufflers. heat lightning, and on super annoying dog, Rick and I split to go with our next team.  We had a team upstairs, one downstairs, one on watch, one out back in the remains of the carriage house, and one at HQ.  I took the upstairs group next, and though I thought I might have heard something behind a door after it closed itself, it was never captured on tape or VR.  There was also the issue that Rick and I were uber excited on our first MRIPA investigation, so we were a bit jumpy.

There were several issues that arose over the course of the investigation.  The set up seemed to have one too many people who didn't really understand the load of work that goes into setting up cameras and cables, but they tried, and tried to stay out of the way if they got too confused.  The house is also very old and thin, so whenever a group was in the carriage house, they're voices carried.  The current tenant also has a large bird that meows and barks at random intervals, and nearly all our voice recordings were contaminated by the bird alone.

After revue, our evidence unfortunately turned up nothing of note.  You can read the official MRIPA report HERE.

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