22 June 2011

Storms and Spirits

Maybe its all the rain and pressure changes, or maybe it's because of how long Rick and I have been in the apartment, but what used to be activity once or twice every few months is now happening every other week or so. There also seems to be a solar storm in the works, so I'm interested to see if anything shows up while that's brewing.

We've heard what seems to be a little girl both in and out of the apartment. I believed I heard a child talking on the ramp up to the back porch late one night, and we've also heard somthing similar in the kitchen. Oddly enough, we have confirmation from other people at the House that at least 3 people have died in our apartment, one of which was a little girl.

Photo by Fred Lyons. We live on the upper floor.
The upper left door is our front door, and entrance to our kitchen.
There are several different doors all around the ground floor
below us, including a washhouse, milkhouse, and the open door in the
picture leads to a room with an old fireplace/oven.
The same person who told us about the little girl also shares a unique and frightening experience with Rick: About a week ago, in between two late spring storms, Rick and I were on the phone. I was at work, and he was at home on the balcony porch, watching the rain. He heard stirrings in and around the house, and we both figured the activity was due to the weather.  He said he would see movement out of the corner of his eye, or below him on the back porch, where things would dash out of sight under the balcony.

At one point, he called out to whatever was causing the ruckus to come out and say hello.  Moments later, he described a feeling of danger and dread, and a smell he described as "rotting sewage."  He then headed back inside the apartment to avoid both the smell and the feeling.  After we retold Rick's story, our informant told us he was locking up the outdoor buildings one evening, when the door to the milk house he had just locked began rattling like someone was trying desperately to get out.  He was the only one on the grounds at the time.  He also experienced the same dreadful feeling and a very bad smell.  He left as quickly as he could, but obviously came back to the house eventually.  Most people who work with and around the house don't scare easy.

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