15 June 2011

Fabulous News, and more Hannah Happenings

I've got some exciting updates to share.  Rick and I have been accepted as members of MRIPA, Midwestern Researchers and Investigators of Paranormal Activity.  MRIPA covers not only ghost investigations, but also UFO's and cryptozoology.  They also publish a seasonal web-zine called The White Crow, full of all sorts of interesting articles and information on other groups.  I've included some permanent links at the bottom of the page, as well as a few more over to the side.  Both of us are investigators in training, and Rick will also be tech assistant while I'll help with research.  I'm hoping we have many great adventures, experiences, and learning opportunities with our new paranormal family!

Hannah House has been pretty active lately, due to some increased seasonal storm activity.  We've heard footsteps and voices, both inside and out, as well as some more supporting evidence for a mimic.  George, our cat, wears a little bell on his collar.  We have heard both it, and his meowing, when he is next to us asleep, and in one instance when he wasn't even in the apartment.  Dishes have been heard moving when no one was in the kitchen.  We haven't had any huge happenings, but as always, many small occurrences that make you question whether you are alone...

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