11 May 2011

The Office and Other Occurrences - Hannah House Apartment

Recently, my fiancé (the boyfriend in former posts), Rick, needed his brakes changed.  He drives an older car, and his brake pads were next to nothing by the time our friend Kitty got them changed.  She hung around the apartment for awhile after, and what had been a sprinkle during the brake change turned into a downpour.
We took her out to the balcony to show off the view.  The patio furniture is all on the 2nd level porch at a right angle from our front door, and there are several doors into the Hannah House from this level, as well as 2 windows into the little used office.

Rick decided to poke around the shutter on the office windows, even though Kitty said she felt like "something was not happy" in the little room..  He opened them up and tapped on the window, saying he expected to see a pale face peeking out at him from the darkness.  As soon as he said this, we all heard a loud BANG on the underside of the balcony.  Nothing had fallen or been knocked over, and there was no other people around.  The three of us immediately felt as if something was pissed off at us.

We decided it was best if we take Kitty home at this point.  We were all a little freaked out, it was late, and the rain was starting to pick up.  Rick always parks with his headlights facing the house, and as soon as we got in the car and her turned on the lights, we could see what looked like shadows rippling though the beams, as if there were tall grass waving back in forth in front of us, although there wasn't.  I said it was probably just the rain on the lights, but when we came back from dropping Kitty off, it was still raining and the shadows weren't there anymore.

Strangely enough, George, our cat, sat with his back to the front door the rest of the night.

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