11 May 2011

1-22-11 Harloh's Vintage Store, Fountain Square, Indianapolis

I'm behind on a few posts, so this one is several months old.

We were led to Harloh's through Darlene, a member of SSIP at the time.  The owner had reported several strange happening in the store, especially in the basement.  Apparently, Harloh's used to be a bank, and the story is that it was once robbed by John Dillinger.

There were several areas to investigate:  The main sales floor itself, the narrow hallway of dressing rooms, the small bathroom in the back, the basement and coal chute area, and a now sealed space between this building and the next.

We used the flashlight trick on several occasions successfully, getting what seemed like several different entities to interact with us and turn the flash light on and off.  We also recorded many odd EMF reading throughout the sales floor, sometimes being centered around a certain item of clothing, and sometimes moving through the racks like someone walking.

The basement and coal chute were the most active in my opinion.  Rick kept hearing taps and footsteps back in the crawlspace and near the vault, but found no source.  we all felt very uneasy in the chute room.  The room is stuffed full of junk and debris from previous owners, and when it rains hard enough, rain washes down and pushes the debris around more.  It has been said that there may be a vortex in this room, and going by the way i felt and what I heard next, it may be true.

I was standing in as close to the middle of the room as I could get with all the debris, and was actually on top of an old door.  We didn't get a lot of good EVP's down here because everyone kept shifting around and moving stuff as well as kicking around the dirt on the floor.  It seemed to be a persistent problem in that group.  I did have a voice recorder in my hand, and I believe an EMF detector in the other.  i stood there for maybe 5 or 10 minutes, asking questions and waiting for a response.  When I felt I was finished, I turned to leave, and then felt and heard whispering just behind my ear.  It was the most concrete personal experience I have had at this point, and it shook me up for a moment until I got out of the room.

The space between buildings was eerie as well.  It's completely dark; no windows or doors to the outside, only the ones into the next building, which looked to be boarded or covered by fabric.  When lights are turned off, you get a feeling of not being alone, and looking up into one of the sealed windows with the lights on, I got a sense of being watched.

I've heard it said that SSIP is no longer welcome at Harloh's because of the way several of them acted, not realizing the owner was so close a friend with Darlene.  Luckily. Rick and I are no longer in the group, and have no such problems with her.  There may be a return trip for us in the future.

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