17 February 2011

Sad News

It seems that I am no longer a Member of Sixth Sense Indy Paranormal.  In all actuality, this was my own choice, but I made it based on circumstances beyond my control.

My boyfriend was the former Tech manager for SSIP, and was the owner of most of the group's equipment.  There had been a few instances where equipment came back damaged when he let others borrow it, so He decided not to do so unless he was around to supervise.  Him and I plan on going on vacation in June, and this coincided with and investigation by the rest of the group which apparently could not be rescheduled.

Once this information was out, one of the "founders," acting in one of the most unprofessional manners I have ever seen, started arguing and attacking my boyfriend on Facebook, and told him he was no longer Tech Manager.  Because of this, I chose to no longer be in the group as well.  For reasons unfathomable by me or my boyfriend, the other "founder" chose to back up the first, even though his augments were irrational and unfounded, he was rude and unprofessional, and he had been so unreliable that he was a phone call from being removed from the group himself.  Why anyone would choose irrational, juvenile, and unreliable individuals over someone who has gone out of their way to help the organization is beyond me.

This being said, I have no ill will towards anyone in the group, and no personal problems with anyone other than the two members I previously referenced.  I feel that I have been unfairly forced out of this group simply because I am loyal to my boyfriend and chose to to associate with someone as unpredictable as a jawbreaker in a microwave.

I also no longer have a paranormal group that I am a member of.  I would hope that I could start one myself and continue from there, seeing as how the equipment is mine and my boyfriend's.  

Also, my posts my not be as often as they could have been, since I am no longer investigating.  However, I am now living at the infamous Hannah House, but while a few strange things have been happening, the assembly of my altar seems to have muted any activity that has been happening.

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