24 January 2011

Extra Experience: 11-28-10 Hannah House, Indianapolis, IN

I hang out a lot at Hannah House, as well as a few other odd locations, so every so often, I will be able to give information on experiences I've had outside of official investigations.

On this instance, a few of the group members, as well as plenty of Hannah House volunteers, came back to the house to help decorate for the holiday season.  While most of us don't particularly like to work, and have relatively short attention spans, we were lured in with the promise of Pam's delicious cooking, which lived up to the hype, of course.

Sometime after the meal,  Darlene said there was something going on upstairs and that we should check it out.  Upstairs, Rick immediately got some weird vibes from the library/gun room.  There's a corner of the room where a secret passage to the servant's stairs is located, and he never seems to feel right around that area.  All three of us felt that something was watching us from that corner of the room.

We walked around upstairs for a bit to see if we could feel anything else.  I went to the Blue room and sat in the chair in the corner.  No sooner had I made the comment that I felt Mr. Hannah liked that chair, and I was alone in the room, I nearly passed out.  I had a pop in my hand and immediately sat it on the table next to me so it wouldn't spill.  My head dropped, my eyes closed, and I felt like my body was asleep but my mind was awake.  Rick tried to wake me up, but it took several minutes to do so.  I was suddenly cold to the touch, even though everyone had been commenting on how warm I was throughout the day.  I felt I had been drained.

There is a possibility that it may have been an entity trying to manifest itself via my energy.  Nothing ever appeared that I could see, so maybe it was unsuccessful.

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