24 January 2011

11-26-10 Black Moon Manor, Greenfield, IN

Black Moon Manor is an intimidating location in the winter, when the cornfields surrounding the house are empty, so I can only imagine how eerie it would be when you are unable to see anything around you but cornstalks.

Black Moon is a Victorian farmhouse set out in the middle of nowhere on the way to Greenfield.  There is a small wooded area on the property, a barn, and a camper towards the end of the driveway.  Black Moon is set up every Halloween as a Haunted attraction, and also hosts a contest called "Escape From Black Moon," in which contestants can win a cash prize if they are able to solve clues and escape from the house in an allotted amount of time.  That being said, there are some aspects of the house's interior that were left over from these two events: a room painted black with walls covered in numbers, an electric chair, and a blood spattered kitchen.  The house was also used as a TB ward with a graveyard, and once housed kennels.

There were 5 us at this investigation, all huddled next to a large space heater (compliments of Jodi) under a tent, trying to avoid the freezing wind.  Rick and I were first to walk in the house, to scout for camera locations and house conditions.  The minute we opened the door, we both felt a wave of...something.  It was very clear to us that at that particular moment the house was active.  We also witnessed some loud scratching in the wall of the "Numbers" room, which we can only assume was an animal.  If it wasn't, then God help us...

However, as soon as we started setting up cameras and other equipment, the house seemed to settle once again.  Many of the noises and tapping we heard during EVP sessions turned out to be the wind knocking about the boards on the windows.  It was extremely windy that night, so it seemed that we were always trying to eliminate evidence that could be caused by the weather.

We scoured the house, threw a teddy bear around, sat in a haunted wheel chair, and fought with the generator as well as the cold, but didn't seem to catch much evidence or personal experience.  We ended up deciding to pack up early, getting all the wires and gear back into the cars by about midnight.

Rick and I stuck around to chat after everyone else had left, and it seemed that no sooner had the last car left the drive that activity started to kick up again.  It seemed that shadows were moving between the trees, we thought we saw a few crawlers move across Rick's car, and I even felt that a dog ran up behind me even though nothing was there.   The door, which was previously locked and latched, slowly swung open as well, and we felt like we were being watched.  The door would normally open all the way but this time it stayed in the middle of its path, as if something were holding it and peeking out.  When Rick went up to re-close it, he said there seemed to be something pulling it as he tried to get it closed.

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