09 December 2010

11-19-10 Roads Hotel, Atlanta, IN

Last weekend, I was given the opportunity to experiance my first legit investigation with S.S.I.P.  I got a ride from fellow investigator Crystal, and we headed towards Atlanta, Indiana.  Atlanta is such a small town that you blink and miss it.  This was useful to us, however, because it meant the walk to the bar for use of the bathrooms wouldn't be too far.  This would be one of a few investigations where there was no heat and no bathroom on the premises; Things are not always comfy when hunting for the paranormal.

We were met at the location by Steve, who was only able to stay with us part of the night.  He explained some of the history of the place: it was a bordello at one point, and refuge to many gangsters.  Today, the only reminders of this past are the pictures of infamous men and beautiful women on the walls, and the ghosts that roam the property.  Roads today looks very much like an old Victorian bed and breakfast in the midst of renovations.  Oddly enough, the house felt comfortable to me.

We did a quick walk through of the house, and even the room with the black mass felt welcoming.  I don't consider myself sensitive or anything, but I believe I have some pretty good gut feelings on what's going on around me.

We set up IR cameras in the "suicide room," looking down the second floor hallway, and looking down the first floor hall by the stairs, and ran the cords back to our HQ by the new kitchen.  The eight of us had K2's, several kinds of EMF detectors, voice recorders, laser grids, digital cameras, and flash lights at our disposal.

Steve, Derrick and I headed up to the room just to the right of the top of the stairs.  Inside was a card table covered in Monopoly money and other trinkets.  We set up a flash light so any entities around us could easily turn it on and off to answer our questions.  Unfortunately, no one really seemed to want to answer with the flashlight method.  However, when I asked if whoever we were speaking with could tell us how old they were, we all three heard an audible "No," which I hope showed up on the EVP's.

Shortly after, Steve had to leave to take care of some family business, and the house seemed to loose all energy after that.  Darlene was able to get a few words off of her Ghost Box, but not much else.

We all decided it was time to do a little provoking, and Rick and I headed upstairs while the rest of the team waited in front of the monitors.  we screamed, yelled, stomped, threatened, and teased.  After we settled down, we both got a feeling of something, but not a very strong one.  I thought it felt like the house was tired, like it was giving up in a way...

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